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As leaders of the Biden-Harris creative and tech team, we fought and won the most complex election in recent time. So it’s in our nature to solve challenging problems. We’re ready to get to work — and also, have a little fun. How can we help?

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We’re an ambitious creative studio that

delivers innovative design to people,

organizations, and companies.

In The Lavender Haze

For the floral lovers who feel coziest together comes In The Lavender Haze, an original crewneck from Studio Gradients.

Spotify: With Love,
Spotify: With Love,

We creative directed and designed two dozen pieces of cover art, a few tasty sizzle reals, and one vibrant Times Sq. billboard for Spotify’s With Love, a podcast highlighting women’s stories for International Women’s Day.

We Are Democrats
The Democratic Party

The DNC’s brand refresh comes with expressive typography, lively colors, and a fresh new energy. We Are Democrats, and that’s something to be proud of.

Super Pumped
Super Pumped

As longtime fans of Billions, we were thrilled to get the call to collaborate with Showtime on the logo for their new anthology series, Super Pumped.


FinLync’s core mission is to usher in a new way of thinking for fintech by breaking out of the old ways of doing things. We lit their creative on fire to accomplish that.

The White House: Building A Better America

We designed the Building A Better America logo for The White House. This mark shines brightly on bridges and highways across America where the work has just begun.

Maite Orisini Diputada
Maite Orsini Diputada

Using Chilean street art as our inspiration, we worked to develop an identity filled with bright colors, organic shapes, and spray paint textures.

Fenway Strategies
Fenway Strategies

Fenway came to us to rejuvenate their brand identity — adding luscious gradients and clean typography to their sophisticated brand.