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Finlync logo overlaid on image of old cell phones on fire

FinLync’s core mission is to usher in a new way of thinking for fintech by breaking out of the old ways of doing things — but its initial brand was doing the exact opposite. Complicated charts and distracting language made information hard to digest. They needed something new. Something that made a statement — simple and human, but still lights up a room. And they came to us to help solve that problem.

FinLync became our first client in the world of B2B financial technology. As true believers in design, they wanted to stand out from their competition, whose brand identities are nearly identical across the board. We gave their logo a much needed glow-up by simplifying and modernizing the typography. We left a flat color palette behind for a new palette that held rich tones and deep hues. To drive home the idea of breaking old technology, we partnered with 8183 Productions and art directed slow-mo videos of monitors smashing, ethernet cables ripping, and flip phones on fire. Together these elements brought the brand to life, exciting new users and inspiring existing customers.

Mockup of the Finlync website (homepage) Mockup of Finlync website on mobile (API catalog) Series of photos showing old technology being destroyed Various paper rips showcasing the color palette. From top to bottom: soft black, dark green, tan, gold, teal, and light teal. Series of icons Series of Finlync business cards laid out in a grid Finlync branding applied to letterheads
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