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Shapiro for Governor

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, approached us to create a new brand for his 2022 gubernatorial run in his beloved home state. We leaned into his love of basketball, as a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia 76ers. (Shapiro has a pretty good jumpsuit himself.) Taking the concept of Home and City Edition jerseys, we developed not one, but two brands.

The Home brand is tried and true to Shapiro’s core — with fresh typography and fun illustrations of iconic landmarks while the City Edition or Team Josh brand leans into the digital grassroots effort it takes to elect a new Governor for Pennsylvania.

Mockup of the Shapiro website (homepage) Series of photos showcasing the Shapiro branding for social posts Shapiro for Governor branding on sweatshirts, pins, a hat, and a tote Shapiro for Governor logo on top of various illustrations of cities Shapiro for Governor locked up with other city names Shapiro for Governor branding locked up on a bus, podium, and signs Shapiro branding used for a series of social posts discussing important causes Shapiro for Governor branding on t-shirts, pinks, a tote, and a bumper sticker
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