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Maite Orsini Diputada navy logo with white burst on bright green background

Maite Orsini, a multi-faceted congresswoman running in Chile, approached us to create a bold brand filled with vibrance for her reelection. A member of the Revolución Democrática, Maite wanted to lean into what makes her political party great: grassroots organizing, student protests, and digital activism.

Using Chilean street art as our inspiration, we worked to develop an identity filled with bright colors, organic shapes, and spray paint textures. These elements live both the digital and physical world through social and web, as well as posters, t-shirts, billboards, flyers, flags, and beyond.

Series of posters with Maite branding laid out in a grid Grid of images showing the branding on signs and merch along with posters Various Maite merch: green shirt, series of pins, green Maite flag Series of social posts. Mockups of the Maite social where branding can be seen in the feeds Series of icons in black on green, pink, yellow, and navy backgrounds Series of photos of Maite clipped out
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