As leaders of the Biden-Harris creative and tech team, we fought and won the most complex election in recent time. So it’s in our nature to solve challenging problems. We’re ready to get to work — and also, have a little fun. How can we help?

Give us a ballpark

The DNC’s brand refresh comes with expressive typography, lively colors, and a fresh new energy. We Are Democrats, and that’s something to be proud of.

We worked with DNC Design Director Christian Richard to enrich the Democrats visual presence with a revitalized Donkey brand that is filled with excitement, vibrance, and is also deeply human.



Sitting within this refresh is an updated color pallete that stretches beyond red, white, and blue — introducing natural tones of yellow, green, red, and purple to reflect the exuberant energy of the party. Alongside these color updates are two new typefaces: ITC Cheltenham and Trade Gothic. These fonts allow this refresh to feel both friendly and stoic, meeting the moment of our politics.



The tried and true Circle D brand of the DNC stays with us, evolving into a workhorse. It holds strong while delivering important information to the American people about the historic progress Democrats are making. The Circle D brand shares the new typography and color of The Donkey Brand to create a visual harmony between the two.


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